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About Numistika
"Build and research your collection with" old coins Roman Greek Russian World


light_CS This site is dedicated to assist the self-education of collectors and researchers in areas of numismatics, medals, seals and general history that describes events and eras that produced the collection items and thus shading some light on them, adding new colours to our understanding.

Over the year and with help of many people, I collected digitalised books from public domain which may help with understanding certain aspects of production of things that we collect. Library covers ancient times that resulted in Greek mythology and in a great body of coins minted over the centuries. It deals with Roman coins since Rome developed as a Republic and evolved into the Empire that thrived to the heights that many envy even today and throughout the European history made several attempts that meant to rival their glory. There is a section of books that also deals with old world coins, but the one of them is a collection of books that belongs to Russian numismatics, history, monarchs, medals, seals, heraldry and culture, as those areas have been in my primary attention for a while.

The coverage of Russian medals, coins, heraldry and history is pretty good even by modern days' standards, if not better! Some materials are quite exclusive, and site enjoyed a great number of visitors due to that. Self-education is a very important and exciting thing. Personally, I keep learning something new about coins and history every day

Collection Items

As any collector, I change my interests and priorities over time, and thus I come up with some coins that fall outside the area of my interests. I am not the only one who is faced with this and so, on occasions, I may offer coins for sale from my own collection or from collections of my friends if they approach me.

Invest into Years of Experience

I am a Melbourne (Australia) based private coin collector with over 30 years of experience. You can say that I've been collecting coins all my life and now I am ready to share my passion with you. Numismatics is a wonderful way to explore the history as it gives you a real connection. We have a privilege of holding in our hands coins that were used during some interesting times in ancient Greece, Rome, Europe, Russia and anywhere else in the World. It is also a prestige and intelligent way of investing your money.

Trusted Quality Authentic Coins

Parts of my Collection: Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, Antique Russian and other Old World Coins may open for private sale at times. So, why buy from For a start, I stand by the quality and authenticity of my coins. I scrutinize every coin I take pride in passing my opinion. You can trust that the coins you buy from me are real coins of that age and not counterfeits. This is a big claim nowadays, as there are so many fake coins and modern counterfeits sold around the world at general and sometimes find their way to specialised auctions. Unless you are an expert, you will be hard pressed authenticating some of the coins you may come by on general auction sites and will find yourself in the position when you’d made many mistakes wasting your money. The best protection from the ill quality is - experience.

100% Money Back Guaranty

Here you may have an opportunity to buy some genuine ancient, old and antique coins. I guaranty that all coins I sell here are genuine real coins, unless I specifically point out that the coin is not genuine, but for some reason interesting counterfeit and I back this up with my 100% money back guaranty. All coins would be photographed individually and I'd provide original pictures in the listing, so you could judge the coin before you buy it without nasty surprises afterwards. Keep in mind that most coins look better in real life then they do on pictures. Also, I sometimes sell on eBay as "numistika", you are welcome to check my feedback in a way of a reference. I am also happy to provide a Certificate of Authenticity for a coin at a small fee stating that the coin is genuine and authentic.

Save Money - do not waste it

I sell my coins privately and that's where you can save a lot of money. I'm not running a business here, this is my passionate hobby. In my mind this is a swap for money that I can spend on buying other coins for my collection, so it is like swapping one coin for another for me. I do not live off this.

E-mail me if you have any questions. My e-mail is at the bottom of the page.

Respectfully yours,

Eugene Skobtchenko old coins Roman Greek Russian World_________________
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